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The Marigold  (Waterman and Clara)






City of St. Louis, Missouri


Entitlement and

Neighborhood Engagement

4th Street Partners has been tapped to lead the neighborhood engagement and entitlement process for a 4-story, 54-unit apartment building at Waterman and Clara in the DeBaliviere Place neighborhood of St. Louis. This proposal is the 4th proposal in recent history for this parcel and after a thorough review by 4th Street Partners, it was found that the latest proposal meets all criteria to be approved by the City of St. Louis for construction.

Such criteria the building meets are the rules and regulations when it comes to height, setbacks, and facade materials. 

The architect is Duncan Architecture of South St. Louis City.

Learn more about the project below.

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The Marigold was designed with the neighborhood in mind. A survey was conducted to find the average height of neighboring buildings as this sets the stage for what the maximum height of the proposed building can be. The survey yielded a result of approximately 38ft. City Zoning rules allow a building here to be the average + 15%, which brings us to a maximum height of 43ft, 7in. The Manhattan is proposed to stand approximately 43ft.

Additionally, consideration was taken into the brick color that would be used on the building. Looking at neighboring structures, and structures throughout the neighborhood, it was determined that a classic red brick, along with a dark brown brick, would make the most sense in terms of relating to the older buildings. The newer buildings in the neighborhood are related to here by the usage of large windows and balconies. For Waterman, extra landscaping is planned to be included to better match the surroundings.

Lastly, all setback requirements are honored on this site so that the building doesn't stick out much. On the east-west axis, the building is in-line with the neighboring condo building and multi-family building across Clara. On the north-south axis, the building is in-line with the multi-family building just south on Clara as well as north.

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The Marigold includes a 55 space underground parking garage accessed from Waterman. Due to no alley on site, the garage will be accessed from a new curb cut. This parking garage also includes the trash room and bike storage. Parking will be available for residents only. 

The main level of the building includes a mailroom and 12 apartment units. The upper floors include 14 units per floor. All units in this building will be either studio units or one bedroom units with the formal breakdown being 31 studios and 23 one bedroom Average unit size will be 523sf for studios and 604sf for one bedroom units. All Waterman facing one bedroom units will have access to a balcony while studios on the backside of the building include Juliet balconies. Only 3 units, all studios, will not have access to an outdoor space and those units face Waterman. Rents at the Marigold will be market-rate.


As for in-building amenities, like a fitness center or lounge, there will be none and that's due to limited site size as a result of setback and height rules.

Additional renderings and diagrams of the Marigold are below. Additional information is available upon request (Email

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