Through 4th Street Partners, we're helping shape the future of great American cities.

What we're up to:

We take great pride in what we do.

​By working with developers on each project, we can help guide the future of our cities. Everything we do is meant to bring out the true potential of a building and strengthen communities. We believe that each project should honor the surrounding neighborhood and add to the history of an area through a unique approach. Each project brings its own set of challenges. As such, we believe we can see past these challenges by working with master developers to form something truly great for all.

We also believe in the power of community engagement to save our historic buildings and build new ones. Buildings of the past tell a story and we believe that it's imperative so preserve them while buildings of the future build off of the foundations of the past, so it's imperative that new buildings are done right when the opportunity arises.

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The Marigold

Learn more about this 54-unit apartment building in the DeBaliviere Place neighborhood by clicking below.


4th Street Row

Learn about an exciting adaptive reuse project just south of downtown and Busch Stadium by clicking the button below.




Learn more about 4th Street's involvement in this exciting, 150-unit adaptive reuse project in the Central West End by clicking below.

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Learn more about 4th Street's involvement in this Central West End project where new and old blend to create something great by clicking below.