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Chouteau's Quarter


4th Street




City of St. Louis, Missouri


Master Planner

This area South of Busch Stadium and North of Soulard, has long been a post-industrial wasteland. Numerous parking lots, vacant buildings, rail bridges, and highways cut through the area reducing foot traffic and daily activity.

4th Street has set out on creating an in-depth masterplan to guide development of 17 parcels in a roughly 3/4 of a square mile area of the City into a mixed-use neighborhood with apartments, hotel rooms, green spaces, meeting spaces, work spaces, shops, restaurants, bars, parking facilities, and art installations. The masterplan will then be refined through public comments and property owners prior to making a formal submission to the City of St. Louis for the establishment of a Chapter 353 Redevelopment Area. This will allow 4th Street to guide the redevelopment of the area and work with developers, both local and national, on creating the next great neighborhood.