To create the next generation of great American cities through exceptional execution of projects and, in doing so, relink neighborhoods into one contiguous fabric.


As St. Louis continues to evolve, we believe that South 4th Street, near Downtown St. Louis, will play a key role in connecting the well-established neighborhood of Soulard to Downtown St. Louis.


Beyond this vital connection, 4th Street has potential that's waiting to be tapped. 4th Street was once one of the vital commercial corridors in the City of St. Louis during the Riverfront Era. Today, it is a stretch with plentiful opportunity and is positioned well to become a great commercial corridor again. We have a vision that has been created over the course of four years and as such, we believe that our name reflects the long-standing vision of creating the next great neighborhood, and street, in the City of St. Louis while honoring the past but keeping an eye on the future.

This attention to detail, coupled with our relentlessness for making something truly great, will take us onward to additional projects in St. Louis, and across the State of Missouri. After all, we believe that strong neighborhoods lead to strong cities and towns.

The Team

We're a team made up of visionaries from all backgrounds. We come from different cities and towns in the Midwest. We've attended and/or go to different colleges. We've studied or are studying different majors. We come from the Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z generations. We believe that the best days for our preferred markets still lie ahead.

We're 4th Street and we're ready to show the world what we got.

Additional team member biographies are coming soon.